Texas Motorcycle Insurance


Whether you’re a weekend warrior or your motorcycle is your main source of transportation, there’s nothing better than the wind at your back and the road under your wheels. When the open road calls, you just have to get out there and ride.


At Patterson, we understand that need. It’s the feeling of freedom that a car just can’t provide. We also understand that people aren’t always paying attention and an accident on a motorcycle almost never ends well for you as a rider.


Let’s work together to keep you safe out on the road and, when you need it, protected financially from the havoc one bad accident can bring. Our team of agents wants to help you find a high-quality and affordable Texas motorcycle insurance policy to cover you, no matter what happens.



You’re covered if your bike is stolen, vandalized, or if there’s a fire.



Whether you’re hit or you hit someone else, collision has your back.



Carry comprehensive or collision coverage, and your accessories like the saddlebag, radio, backrests, seat, chrome and more will be covered, too.


Bodily injury liability

If you injure someone in an accident this will cover the costs if you’re sued.


Personal injury protection

The medical costs of you and your passengers will be taken care of if you get into an accident.


Property damage liability

The cost for much of the damage caused in an accident will be paid, and you’ll have help if you get sued.


Uninsured and underinsured motorist

Get into an accident with someone who doesn’t have any or enough insurance, and your policy will cover you.


When a motorcycle is in an accident the results can be devastating. Total losses aren’t uncommon, especially if you tangle with a car or truck.


Here at Patterson, we want you to enjoy the open road and feel the wind at your back, not the pavement. We can’t prevent the accidents from happening except to encourage everyone to look twice for motorcycles. But we can make sure that you have the best insurance coverage you can afford. Dealing with an accident is bad enough without worrying about how much it will cost you financially.


Let us take that burden off of you and find a good Texas motorcycle insurance policy for a reasonable price. It doesn’t have to be a complicated or stressful process, not when you have the team here at Patterson looking out for you.

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The coverage you can count on to protect the life you’ve worked so hard to build, from agents that will treat you like part of the family. It’s the Patterson way.

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Don’t forget your daily driver…


While you’re making sure you have enough insurance, don’t neglect your car especially if you use it for your daily commute. Let us help you find an auto insurance policy that covers you when you need it and gets you back on the road as soon as possible.