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“Home is where the heart is” isn’t just a nice little saying. Your kids play in the backyard and build forts in the living room. Some of the biggest events and best memories happen around the dinner table. Your home means much more than the four walls and roof over your head. It’s not just a place where you live. It’s where your life happens.


It’s also the biggest financial investment you might ever make.


You need the right Texas homeowners insurance policy to protect your family and your home when the worst happens, and it can happen in the blink of an eye. The last thing you need to worry about is how you’ll rebuild or whether you can afford a repair.


Here at Patterson Insurance, we know how important your home is to you. We want to make sure you have home insurance that works when you need it without breaking the bank. You’re building a beautiful life. You don’t need to wonder what you’ll do after a fire or an accident.


In Texas, home insurance covers two very important things:



You’ll be covered if a friend or other visitor comes to your home and gets hurt. Their property damage and medical costs will be taken care of, and if someone decides to sue you, your homeowners insurance policy will protect you – up to your policy limits. Although no one wants to think that their family or friends would go so far as to take them to court over a fall on their property, many people fail to realize that their insurance carrier may go after you and your Texas home insurance policy on their behalf to recoup any financial loss the insurance company may incur over the claim.


Property Damage

A Texas home insurance policy is meant to help you repair or rebuild when the worst happens. Fire or storm damage, theft or vandalism, and other damage to your home and personal property is covered. The last thing that you want to or need to worry about when something tragic has happened in your life, is whether or not your Texas home insurance policy will cover your loss. Our staff here at Patterson Insurance will go above and beyond to make sure that you have the correct home insurance coverage in place before anything happens, whether you live in Carthage, Seven Points, Dallas, or anywhere else in Texas. When you proactively plan and implement a comprehensive insurance program with the help of our friendly staff, you are ensuring that your needs will be met when and if the time comes.


Lastly, you should consider what happens after a claim has taken place, if you don’t currently work with Patterson Insurance, do you have an advocate that will go to bat for you when you have a claim? Will your insurance advisor be there, at your house, talking to contractors and insurance carrier reps to make sure that you get everything you want and need after a claim has taken place? If you aren’t sure of the answer to these questions, contact us today!


Let’s get together and talk about your home insurance needs. Not every insurance policy is the same, and you shouldn’t have to pay too much to protect your home. We’re homeowners, too. Our entire team of agents knows how important it is to get this right for you.


We’ll help you find the right Texas homeowners insurance coverage for your home at the most affordable price. Your insurance is the last thing you should worry about when the worst happens.

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Keep your family safe away from home, too…


Running errands, dropping the kids off at school, or headed to work, you need to know that your family is protected when you’re on the road. With the right auto insurance coverage, you’ll have one less thing to worry about when you’re behind the wheel.