Texas Workers’ Compensation Insurance


When it comes to your business, some facts are indisputable. Here at Patterson, we know that in order to succeed, you need good customers, great employees, and the right protection.


That’s where Texas workers’ compensation insurance comes in.


What does a workers’ compensation insurance policy do for you and your employees?


  1. Employees who get hurt or sick from doing their job will have their medical costs covered.
  2. When those hurt or sick employees can’t work, their lost income will be paid to them.
  3. If an employee dies in the course of their job, their survivors will receive death benefits.


Having the right Texas workers’ compensation insurance in place helps you take care of your employees, and it protects your business from lawsuits. Workers’ comp is one of the biggest costs for many businesses, especially if you’re in an injury-prone industry. We have access to multiple providers who can offer a variety of options. You don’t have to pay what you’ve been paying or try to skirt the law to save money. We can help you find the right coverage at an affordable rate.


As your business grows and changes, we can help you find a workers’ comp policy that can change and grow with you. Think of the Patterson team as an extension of your business whose entire purpose is to keep you up and running when the worst happens.

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Cover more than your employees…


Once your employees are taken care of, make sure you don’t neglect your business property. Commercial property insurance helps you rebuild after a storm, fire, or theft. We’re here to make sure you have one less thing to worry about by providing good, affordable insurance to all types of businesses.