Texas General Liability Insurance


Ever had one of those days when everything that could go wrong, did?


One of your best customers slipped on the welcome mat at your front door. A fixture broke apart in a vendor’s hand and cut them. A new client’s tablet was stolen during your meeting over coffee.


Small accidents, big events, and chaos can hit your business without warning. Even though you do your best to take care of your customers, some problems are too big to pay out of pocket. And even the person you thought was satisfied with your solution might come back and sue sometime later.


The only real protection you have is the insurance coverage you carry for your business. The very first policy every business needs is a Texas general liability insurance policy. The team here at Patterson Insurance is here to help you understand liability insurance and find the right insurance coverage for your business no matter how big or small.


What does a Texas general liability insurance policy cover?


Bodily injury coverage
This pays for medical expenses if someone who isn’t an employee gets hurt during an interaction with your business. This could be a trip and fall in your building, an accident on a jobsite, or some other incident.


Property damage coverage
Did your forklift run into the client’s car? Did a row of shopping carts crash into someone? Was a computer stolen during a meeting? This part of your insurance pays for property damage a non-employee might experience.


Some people will sue your business, either because the mishap was big enough or because they think there will be a big payday for them. Your liability policy covers your legal fees and any settlement costs, up to your policy limit.


In Texas, general liability insurance covers injury and damage to customers, vendors, and other third-parties. The definition of injury isn’t always clear-cut. Sometimes it refers to copyright violations or claims of false advertising. General liability insurance is the absolute bare minimum coverage every business should carry, no matter your industry.


Here at Patterson, we’ve got agents who can take a look at your business as it is now and your plans for the future and guide you in choosing the best insurance coverage. We will recommend liability and other coverage types meant to protect you whether the accident is small and easily repairable or big and leads to a major lawsuit.


Don’t leave your business in the hands of someone who might sue you for millions. We want to help you protect the business you’ve worked so hard to grow. Let’s have a conversation about what you do, what your common challenges are, and where you think your business is headed. From that, we’ll help you find a Texas general liability insurance policy that protects your business without making you pay too much for it.

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Don’t stop at general liability insurance…


If you offer a service or use your knowledge and expertise to give advice, you may also need professional liability coverage. You may know it as Errors & Omissions (E&O). The more we learn about your business, the better we’re able to serve you with good advice and the best protection available.