Texas Commercial Umbrella Policy


When you started your business, you did your part to protect it with business liability insurance. As it’s grown and prospered, you added more coverage. You didn’t work this hard to lose everything in one bad accident.


Have you ever considered what might happen if the worst happens? A death? A class action lawsuit? Any claim that’s higher than your policy limits could be a disaster but since those things are rare, it doesn’t make sense to carry such high coverage all the time.


Our team at Patterson can help you add some extra liability protection with a Texas commercial umbrella policy. Like a personal umbrella policy, you’d have extra coverage for big claims. They might not happen often, but it only takes one to bankrupt your company.


In Texas, commercial umbrella policies give you added liability coverage and in some cases can cover what your liability insurance policy doesn’t. Here at Patterson we can help you choose a policy that works for you, your business, and your budget.


For example, an auto mechanic doesn’t need extra liquor liability coverage but he might need more coverage for garage liability. A real estate office doesn’t need more general liability insurance, but extra professional liability coverage might come in handy if a big deal goes south.


What kind of Texas umbrella insurance do you need? That all depends on your current policy limits and the type of liability insurance you already have. Umbrella insurance can raise your liability coverage for business liability, professional liability, employment practices liability, liquor liability, garage liability, commercial auto liability, and more.


If your policy limit is $1 million per claim, and you have a claim that totals $2 million, your original policy will pay up to the limit. At that point, your Texas commercial umbrella insurance policy would kick in for the rest – up to the claim limit you choose when you purchased your policy.


Give us a call here at Patterson Insurance and let’s talk about how we can help you add an extra layer of protection for your business. Tell us about any past claims and we’ll look at your current liability policies to find what you need at the right price. Don’t let your business go under because of one big claim.

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A business needs more than liability coverage, even with a good umbrella policy. Have you checked your commercial business insurance lately to make sure your coverage has kept up with the growth of your company? We can walk you through all the available policies to help you protect what you’ve worked so hard to build.