Texas Builders Risk Insurance


When you got into the construction business, you wanted to build things with your own two hands. Maybe it was little houses for nice Texas families or maybe it was big high rises in the middle of a big city, but the point was to make something that you could be proud of.


Here at Patterson Insurance, we can’t guarantee that lightning won’t strike your structure or that no one will steal equipment or materials, but with the right Texas builders risk insurance policy, we can give you the peace of mind that the project can move forward even if the worst happens.


In Texas, builders risk insurance covers the materials, fixtures, and equipment you need to build a home or office or when you’re renovating a building. Some contracts make this coverage a requirement, as do some lenders. Even if you don’t need it to get the bid, you do it need it so you can sleep at night.


Sometimes called “course of construction” insurance, you’ll be protected from most severe weather, when materials break or get ruined, and other unforeseen risks that you can’t predict.


What’s covered by a Texas builder’s risk insurance policy?


Property damage

Your equipment, machinery, scaffolding, temporary structures, cribbing, fencing, landscaping, construction signs, building materials, fixtures, and more are protected in case of damage.



This isn’t available in every policy, but ask about it, especially if you’re working in a gated community.


Income and Expenses

Your labor costs and earned profits can be replaced in a covered claim.


Storms, Nature, and Man-Made Disasters

Fires, hurricanes, lightning, hail storms, and even broken water mains will be covered if they cause damage to your jobsite.


Bad Workmanship, Flawed materials, and bad design

This may also be covered by a policy.


What isn’t covered by a standard policy? Accidents, liability, earthquakes, and flood won’t be included. You need to purchase separate coverage for them. We can help with that, too.


Give yourself and whoever hires you peace of mind that the job can continue no matter what hits the site. Make sure you have a Texas builders risk insurance policy to cover whatever you’re building. Give us a call here at Patterson Insurance. We’re here to help you focus on what you want to do – build new things and renovate the old ones.

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Are you fully protected?


Remember, a Texas builders risk insurance policy doesn’t cover liability claims. Make sure you’ve got enough liability coverage to protect you in case of property damage or worse, someone gets injured on your jobsite. All it takes is one big lawsuit without good coverage to close your business down for good.