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Whether you’re a mom-and-pop store on the corner, a chic boutique downtown, or on the road to being the next big box retailer, you opened your store for a lot of reasons. You wanted to build something for yourself and your family. Maybe you saw a real need in town for the products you carry. Maybe you just really love what you sell.


No matter why you opened your retail shop, you need to do everything that you can to protect it. The best way to protect your business from the things you can’t predict is with a good, solid insurance policy.


At Patterson Insurance, we can offer comprehensive coverage for your store without breaking your budget. Every Texas retail store is different. The small corner store doesn’t need the same amount or type of coverage that the larger franchises need.


All stores need certain basic insurance coverage, though.


General liability insurance

This coverage will take care of you and the store if a customer or vendor would happen to have an accident or get hurt during the time in which they are at your retail store.  This is one major reason why you need Texas retail shop insurance for your store.


Property insurance

Property insurance can replace or repair your equipment, inventory, and building. This will help you keep your business alive if something happened to your property. This is another major reason why you need Texas retail shop insurance for your store.


Workers’ compensation

This coverage takes care of you and your employees by paying lost wages and medical payments if they get hurt, and takes care of legal expenses if you would ever get sued.


Commercial auto insurance

Protects you and your business if you or an employee makes a delivery or runs an errand for the store.


Once you have the basics taken care of, it’s time to consider additional coverage specific for your store’s needs.


Employee Dishonesty

This covers you if your employee steals cash, credit card numbers, or inventory.


Employment Practices Liability Insurance

You’ll be protected in case an employee accuses you of harassment, discrimination, or wrongful termination.


Sign Insurance

Without a sign people think you’ve gone out of business. This insurance will repair or replace your sign under a covered peril.


Business Income

If a covered loss happens to shut you down for any reason or limits your income, this coverage kicks in to replace your lost income so you can still pay your employees and keep the business moving forward. This is yet another major reason why you need Texas retail shop insurance for your store.


Brands and Labels

Having to remove brands or labels from merchandise or deal with spoiled goods is expensive. If a covered loss forces you do this, your coverage will help pay for the cost to get the job done.


Computer Property

In this day and age almost every store has a computer system for ringing people up and taking payments as well as keeping up with your inventory. This protects you and your business against the loss or damage of your computer systems.


We know that you are bombarded with auto insurance and home insurance options and ads what seems like every other minute, whether it be through television commercials, radio ads, or even an ad pop up to interrupt your streaming service or youtube video you were trying to enjoy! On the flip side, you rarely see commercials for retail store insurance. While personal home and auto insurance is pretty straightforward, business insurance is not, and specifically Texas retail shop insurance has it’s own set of unique circumstances and challenges. We won’t bombard you with commercials when you are just trying to relax, because we know that the process to shop for retail store insurance is complex, and we know that you don’t want any additional pressure or responsibility added to your plate as a business owner. However, if you are taking the time to read this, that means that you are in need of an experienced agent that can walk you through the process and be there for you when it matters most. We won’t sell you with any gimmicks but we will be here for you and your business.


Every retail shop needs something a little different. Sit down with the Patterson team to discuss your store and what we can do together to protect it. No one can predict the future, but we can make sure your business has the right insurance coverage in place to weather any storm. We are your local Texas retail shop insurance experts.

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Are you thinking of adding a cafe or eatery to your store? Make sure you have restaurant insurance coverage, too. There may be some overlap but cafes have unique needs and potential problems. Make sure you’re covered before you serve the first muffin or cup of coffee.