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Some jobs don’t fit the mold of an eight-to-five day. You don’t spend your days working inside of an air-conditioned office. You’re like a lot of people who do good and necessary jobs working with their hands. You build things, repair what’s broken, and make old things new again.


When you work as a contractor – whether marine, artisan, or residential – you’re doing an honest day’s work each and every time. That doesn’t mean problems don’t happen and mistakes don’t get made. One bad day could shut down your business forever. That’s why it’s important to carry the kind of liability insurance for the work you do.


Marine Contractors


You’re out on the water working on big, expensive equipment. You’re usually standing on your ship when it happens. If two ships collide or one piece of equipment drops unexpectedly, the damage is costly and sometimes deadly. Marine liability insurance, as well as hull and protection indemnity, takes care of the property damage and covers you if you get sued. You should also consider umbrella coverage in case you have a claim that’s bigger than your policy will pay.


Artisan Contractors


The decision to specialize in a craft like carpentry, plumbing, electrical, mechanics, or masonry might have been the easiest decision you ever made. Make sure you have enough liability insurance to cover you. Anything can fall from the roof or the top of your ladder. Someone can trip over your cords, no matter how many warnings you give. And when something doesn’t go as planned, it’s you who could get blamed and sued.


Residential Contractors


Building a home or renovating a building is exciting. Everything changes in front of you and you get to look at it every time you drive by and say, “I built that.” Make sure you have enough liability insurance to cover you in case the worst happens on the jobsite. Big equipment, scaffolding, cables and hoses, materials, and people don’t always mix well. Someone can easily get hurt or damage can happen. Protect yourself and your business with the right Texas contractors liability insurance policy.


Here at Patterson, we know that the needs of your business are unique. You work with your hands. You use heavy equipment. Things can go wrong even on the best day, and when it does, it’s an expensive problem. Let us help you find the right insurance coverage for the work you do and help you keep your business moving forward. We’ll also make sure your insurance coverage doesn’t break the bank.

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Liability insurance is never enough, no matter how small your company is. Make sure you have enough property insurance to repair or replace your equipment in case it’s damaged or stolen. If you don’t have the tools you need, you can’t do your job. We can help you find the right insurance policy at the right price. It’s what we do.