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When you give your word to a client and sign on the dotted line of a contract, your word is your bond. You won’t let anyone or anything stand in your way of getting the job done and taking care of your clients.


But unfortunately, in today’s world, that’s not always enough.


As a contractor, you know there are certain things you have to do to get the job done on time and on budget. You need good subcontractors and the right equipment. Being licensed and insured is a given. But are you bonded?


If not, you often can’t bid on government contracts or work with big companies. Some contractors don’t like the idea of being bonded. It makes them feel like their word isn’t good enough. After all, you’ve never walked out on a job before, so why do you need to buy a bond just to prove it?


Here at Patterson Insurance, we know that you’re an honest contractor and business owner. The clients and customers you’ve worked with in the past know it, too. But don’t you want to win that big government contract or get the bid on a new company moving to the area? Being bonded will help.


Surety bonds are peace of mind to the organizations and people who need a contractor like you to do work for them. Different types of bonds offer different guarantees, depending on which type you need.

  • Contract bonds mean that you, the contractor, will keep to the terms of the construction contract between you and the client.
  • Commercial bonds let the organization hiring you know that you’ll follow all government rules and regulations while on the job.
  • Court bonds keep everyone protected from any losses in a court decision. Hopefully you never need this one.
  • Fidelity bonds protect against employee theft.

Being bonded might be a requirement for certain jobs, but even when it’s not, you’re letting your clients know that they can rest assured you’ll get the job done, follow all the rules, and not skip out when there’s a problem. We know they’ll figure it out while you’re on the job, but until then, get the right surety bonds for your business so you can win the big contracts.


Give us a call here at Patterson Insurance. Let’s sit and talk about your business and figure out the best surety bonds for your specific situation. Your success is our success.

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Surety bonds might be your promise to your clients, but what about your employees? Have you updated your workers’ compensation insurance recently? Do you have the right coverage for the jobs you hire people to do? We can make sure you’ve got the right kind of workers’ comp coverage and the right amount – before there’s an accident on the jobsite.